CHAL & ACS feature the Innocence Project

The Amer­i­can Chem­i­cal Society’s Chem­istry and the Law Divi­sion and its Foren­sic Sci­ence Co-Chairmen, Justin McShane, Esq. of Har­ris­burg, PA and Josh D. Lee, Esq. of Vinita, OK, are proud to announce a full-day pre­sen­ta­tion on the work of the Inno­cence Project.
Foren­sic Sci­ence can play a tragic role in the con­vict­ing and wrong­ful impris­on­ment of fac­tu­ally inno­cent peo­ple. As of the date of this announce­ment (March 20, 2012), There have been 289 post-conviction DNA exon­er­a­tions in United States his­tory. This pre­sen­ta­tion will tell the first hand story of inno­cence and the causes and effects of faulty foren­sic sci­ence used in today’s courtrooms.

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The Speak­ers:
Pro­fes­sor Scheck is a Pro­fes­sor of Law at the Ben­jamin N. Car­dozo School of Law Yeshiva Uni­ver­sity and is Co-Founder of the Inno­cence Project.  Pro­fes­sor Scheck is known for his land­mark lit­i­ga­tion set­ting stan­dards for foren­sic appli­ca­tions ofDNA tech­nol­ogy. He will dis­cuss the work of the Inno­cence Project.
Dr. White­hurst is a for­mer Super­vi­sory Spe­cial Agent in the FBI crime lab. He dis­cov­ered, inves­ti­gated and reported sci­en­tific mis­con­duct in the FBI crime lab. His whis­tle blow­ing forced the FBI to agree to forty major reforms, includ­ing under­go­ing accred­i­ta­tion process. He will dis­cuss his dis­cov­er­ies, the con­tin­ued strug­gle for valid foren­sic sci­ence in the court­room, and his choice to do the right thing.
Dr. Hampikian is a pro­fes­sor at Boise State Uni­ver­sity, direc­tor of the Idaho Inno­cence Project, and world famous geneti­cist. He will be dis­cussing his work in the exon­er­a­tion ofAmanda Knox in Italy, his work on the Troy Davis death penalty case out of Geor­gia, and the other numer­ous exon­er­a­tions he has been involved with or con­sulted on.
Mr. Lentini has con­ducted more than 2,000 fire scene inves­ti­ga­tions and works as an expert wit­ness. He will speak on the stan­dard of care in fire inves­ti­ga­tion and lab analy­sis of fire debris as well as speak about his work on spe­cific cases includ­ing the case of Cameron Todd Will­ing­ham in Texas. The evi­dence from the Will­ing­ham case indi­cates that the State of Texas likely exe­cuted an inno­cent man.
Attor­ney Blues­tine is the Legal Direc­tor of the Penn­sylva­nia Inno­cence Project. The PIPinves­ti­gates and lit­i­gates inno­cence cases involv­ing both DNA and non-DNA evi­dence. She will be speak­ing about her involve­ment with the PIP and what it takes to run a statewide program.

The Exonerees:
Who bet­ter to tell the story of the Inno­cence Project than 3 of the nearly 300 peo­ple who have been exon­er­ated after being wrong­fully con­victed and wrong­fully imprisoned?
Sen­tenced to death and spent 10 years in prison on death row for a mur­der that he did not commit.
Wrong­fully accused in the Cen­tral Park Jog­ger case of 1989. Spent 5 years in prison for crimes he did not commit.
Sen­tenced to 25-Life and spent 19 1/2 years in prison for crimes that he did not commit.
This spe­cial event will take place on Mon­day, August 20, 2012 at the 244th ACS National Meet­ing in Philadel­phia, PA. This is a one of a kind event that is sure to be enter­tain­ing, touch­ing, and inspir­ing for any­one inter­ested in Foren­sic Sci­ence, Crim­i­nal Jus­tice, Pol­i­tics, Civics, and Government.
This pre­sen­ta­tion is being spon­sored by The McShane Firm, LLC of Har­ris­burg, PA