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The Many Faces of CHAL: Where Chemistry Meets the Law

Location: San Diego Convention Center, Room 30B

K. E. Bianco, Organizer
K. McIntyre, Organizer, Presiding
K. A. Rubino, Presiding

1:00 PM
How to allocate resources to IP as a start-up in the chemical fields.
K.A. Rubino

1:30 PM
Intellectual indexing makes the difference.
E.N. Cheeseman, M. McBride

2:00 PM
Protecting Innovations: A Multi-Prong Approach to Intellectual Property.
H. Oh

2:30 PM
Visualization of latent fingerprints by copper nanoclusters with variable fluorescent.
R. HUANG, d. peng, J. Yang

3:00 PM
Cr- and Sb-doped TiO2 nano-pigment for the latent and bloody fingermark enhancement on various surfaces.
D. peng, J. Yang, R. HUANG